sketch work

All my retro style prints start off in the same way. I use traditional techniques (pen and sketchbook) to generate ideas and concepts.


By simply using a pen and sketchbook when out exploring the landscapes of wales allows me the freedom to create and change designs very quickly whilst on the move. Weather conditions can change quickly, and having the flexibility to capture the moment is extremely important to my designs. My sketch work is probably the most important step.

 Back in my studio the Sketches i have created give me a great starting point to develop and articulate the design, and allows me to tackle problems that may arise in the creative process.


Many of my sketch work will be dissguarded, but certain ideas or elements from many different sketches combined will make it into one finished piece of work. 
After deciding what design elements i would like to use i scanning my sketches onto my computer which then allows me to experiment and create a draft composition.


Using a combination of illustrator and photoshop on a drawing tablet I build upon the basic sketches layer by layer over many hours and days until I feel the finished design has that retro style and captures the overall feeling of the location.